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Calf Hide- 001

Calf Hide- 001


Add a touch of sophisticated luxury to you home with this beautiful natural Calf Hide . This hide is extraordinary soft and silky with a beautiful fluffy texture. 

As every hide is different in appearance, colour, tone, markings and pattern- there is not another one like this. A unique decor accent piece for your home. 

Hides are the most versatile purchases you can make for your home. Styled as either a floor rug, furniture throw or bed throw- easy to care for and durable for years of enjoyment. 



  • colour- black and white
  • material- top quality calf hide
  • natural
  • we acknowledge that animal based or derived products are not for everyone. Typically, such products are sourced as by- products of the food production industry. Our trading terms with our suppliers require that all products meet or exceed the strict Australian Government safety, testing. Certification and import standards.  



96cm length

95cm width

Pile height: 2cm

  • Care Instructions

    Natural Calf Hides are easy to keep clean- we recommend to;

    - shake out regularly 

    - vacuuming when needed on gentle 

    - spot cleaning with a damp cloth ( allow it to dry in the shade after cleaning)

    - avoid direct sunlight as UV rays may damage te skin 

    We dont recommend to use any harsh chemicals.

    This will keep your hide fresh and beautiful for many years. 

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