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Metal Salad Servers

Metal Salad Servers

AU$22.00 Regular Price
AU$17.60Sale Price

These amazing Metal Alloy Salad servers are extremely popular. 

They  are one of the most hygienic surfaces for the preparation of foods and very easy to clean, as they are unique surface has no pores or cracks to harbor dirt, grime or bacteria.

They are very attractive and requires minimal care, since they won’t chip or easily rust and it takes little seasoning.

They will not affect flavor, as they do not react with acidic foods during food preparation or cooking.


Notice the two different styles available. Both unique and fashionable. 


Measurements for both styles.

30cm length

  • Care Instructions

    To entrust a long durabilty of this product we reccommend to hand wash with warm soapy water and a soft brush. The dishwasher is too hard and we dont want to risk ruining these beautiful untensils. 

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