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Pineapple Bowl

Pineapple Bowl


These Wood Pineapple Bowls are individually hand carved. Every bowl has it's own unique colour and texture style - no utensil is the exactly the same as the other. 

Hand made from 100% Natural wood

Polished with pure Coconut Oil

Reduce waste with this natural and reusable cutlery.

The smooth and beautiful natural finish make these eating from these bowls utensils a joy to use. 




12.5cm width

5cm depth 

25cm length



15.5cm width

5cm depth

31cm length

  • Care Instructions

    These items are natural biodegradable products. They will not harm the environment and are safe to use.

    It is easiest to clean wooden bowls if you do it immediately after use, before food has time to dry on them.

    If bowls develop a musty odour, clean them well with dish soap and a teaspoon of baking soda added to the dishwater.

    Avoid using wooden bowls to eat raw meats or other foods that are common sources of food poisoning. Bacteria may get into tiny cracks in the wood and multiply.

    Do not clean wooden bowlsin the dishwasher. The detergent and the heat can cause the spoons to warp or crack.

    After a while the wood can look a little worn so we recommend to rub some natural coconut oil into the wood and let it dry. 


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