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Tea Set 029

Tea Set 029


Rococo Emporium is leading the way in an assortment of the these beautiful Handcrafted Molten Glass and Wood Root products that are unique and create beautiful vases, terrariums and fish bowls. 

They are created by moulding melted recycled glass against the natural wood base, which singes lightly as the glass cools. Each is completely one-of-a kind.

Your home is missing this statement piece. 


  • Recycled glass top
  • Teak wood base
  • Handblown glass
  • Each piece is unique
  • Perfect for milk, tea, juices 


*This item has been reduced due to a tiny imprefection. Please pay attention to the photots provided that there is a slight crack line in the cup. 




Height- 29cm

Length- 27cm

Width- 14cm


Jug Depth- 15.5cm

Cup Depth- 10.5cm

  • Care Instructions

    The glass and wood are not attached, making it easy to remove the glass in order to clean.

    We recommend warm water and soap. DO NOT put them into your dishwasher. 

    If the wood begins to look a little worn just rub it down with some natural coconut oil and let dry. 

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